José Ruivo, Dão wine lover and founder of Quinta de Darei, in 1997 decided to buy this beautiful 150 hectare farm, located on the shores of the Dão river, on one of the hillsides, near the reservoir of the Fagilde Dam, and with an altitude of around 400 meters above sea level.


Recruiting the whole Ruivo family, José and family immediately started the recovery of the Darei heritage, the renovation of the XVII Century historic house, and the restoration of the traditional wine cellar.


The initial idea was, in its essence, simply to produce goods for family members and friends who visited. This was never forgotten, but has expanded to include production for consumers as well. Currently, the brand has a presence in both national and international markets, but the ‘truth’ in Darei’s wines remains the same as ever.

The business, now with Mani, who join his father and helps him in his management, continues with the mission to produce wines that are the purest expression of nature's action, without chemicals or industrial products, throughout the grape’s entire journey from vineyard to bottle.


Their natural approach to wine production means the terroir is the star with the winemaker merely working with nature to get the maximum elegance and purity in the final product.
Casa de Darei works with relatively young vineyards, from 15 to 20 years old, so the impressive complexity of the wines is due to the combined natural elements of granite soils, high thermal amplitude, altitude of the vineyards (+/- 400m), and the quality and relevant varietals of the grapes themselves. All Portuguese varietals, all from the Dão region, birthplace of the red Touriga Nacional and the white Encruzado. Jaen, Tinta Roriz, and Alfocheiro complete the list for the reds with Malvasia Fina, Cerceal, Bical, and Verdelho for the whites.


José Ruivo was accompanied by a group of experts from the rst day of the project. In addition to the technical and technological upgrades, Jose’s decision to include knowledgeable people in the project proved crucial to the overall success of the endeavor, which has nowt far exceeded initial expectations and has sustained steady growth while maintaining the quality of the wine in each bottle produced.

Casa de Darei stands out in the market continuing with the historic tradition of foot treading the grapes in lagares, using manual wine presses, and fermenting and aging largely in cement tanks.


The Darei wines are made by nature with mutual respect between the farmer and the land and with love and consideration of the identity of Dão and the character of the typical grape varieties of the region. These wines were born of the purest idea in the intimacy of a family: to know deeply each of the steps of how their wine is made, from the moment of planting the vineyards until bottling. All this, just to be sure they know exactly what they were o ering when serving a glass to a friend: a wine that would impress whoever drinks it.